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Vaniink - Micro PMU Art Academy


Material: Aluminum. Motor: Japanese DC Motor 10v-10000.
Stroke: 3.5MM. Needle Protrusion: 1-4.5MM. Start Volt: 3.5V DC
Operating voltage: 6-12V DC. Stitch Frequency: 50-190 HZ.
Connection: DC RCA jack plug. Fit Needle: Cartridge needles.


  • RCA interface: Wear and tear resistance.
  • Hollow motor housing, 10V/10,000RPM: strong motor but runs cool and quiet.
  • High precision CNC machine engraved handle: easy to hold, no slipping, and intuitive.
  • Color finish using “Oxygen Oxidation” technique resulting in sophisticated look without fading.
  • Disc mechanism: Wear resistance, precision fit, easy to dissassemble to reassemble for maintainence.
  • Adjust needle length from 2-4mm with a simple twist.
  • Unique, non-slip bullet tip
Introducing the Vaniink PMU Pen Style Machine
The powerful, yet quiet and stable Vaniink Machine houses a strong Japanese motor which can be used for both permanent makeup and conventional tattooing.
It has an outstanding capacity to produce fast and lasting color implantation, immaculate lining and shading and takes PMU to a new level as a result of its unique ability to be used with both traditional cartridges and an autoclaveable acupuncture needle adaptor, sold separately.
While the Vaniink’s in-line RCA interface will withstand the on-going plugging and unplugging of the high quality, universal cord that accompanies the machine (not included in other, substantially pricier pen style machines of similar design and quality), the machine will accept any RCA cord should yours get lost or damaged.
Easily coupled with any power supply, the hollow cup, 10V – 10,000 RPM motor delivers far more power than a traditional PMU machine, and is sufficiently robust for conventional tattooing, making this a highly versatile device.
Yet with all the power that it yields, the machine is stable, quiet and will not overheat.
The Vaniink’s styling is ergonomically designed and counter-balanced to reduce artist hand fatigue for long hours of work and the sleek, stylish oxidized finish is virtually indestructible.
Best of all, the Vaniink is fully adjustable with just a slight rotation of the shaft and can be disassembled for maintenance or an unlikely repair.
All moveable parts are wear resistant, and fit tightly back into place, and the shaft features a unique non slip design, essential for stability and precision.
The Vaniink retails at an ideal price point.
It rivals other more costly machines, yet carries most of the same features.
It comes securely and beautifully packaged with a complimentary RCA cord.
Only Machine without power supply
One year warranty.

Vaniink Bullet Machine - Price: $450

Additional information

Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 10 cm

Blue, Red, Pink


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