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“Healed results never lie.”

Anna Dixon, Founder

Who We Are

I am Dr. Anna Dixon, an International permanent makeup artist, trainer and consultant, dental surgeon (licensed in Russia), and former professional model. ​I love when people look their best at all times. I, along with my team, have created revolutionary techniques and processes that ensure you can confidently perform the work that makes your clients look naturally and effortlessly fabulous. In addition to delivering exclusive face-to-face training across the United States and internationally, we provide expert consulting, the best in online training, and host unparalleled conferences for permanent makeup. We aim to establish ourselves as the permanent makeup artists’ first choice for online training, as we recognize that travel and training fees can be cost-prohibitive. On-going professional learning should be accessible, affordable, and easy to incorporate into a busy schedule. Our courses are designed to be self-paced and structured in such a way that students can study when it is convenient, upload videos of technique practice and get personalized and detailed descriptive feedback and guidance. And because we know that learning a new technique takes time to master, we are committed to post-course support where questions can be asked and answered quickly and precisely. Raising the bar in permanent makeup training is our primary objective. Every artist owes it to themselves and their clients the most up-to-date knowledge and skill of the newest innovations in our work. Many of those innovations originated here, at DixonPMU. As trends evolve, and styles change, we give you our promise to stay ahead of the game and design and/or review our courses to ensure all students keep their place ahead of their competition by providing beautiful, flawless work.

What We Do

Online education is booming: last year around 10 million peoples around the world listened to courses on different platforms. According to experts, in the next couple of years, the market of online courses will continue to grow, especially in the area of additional professional education. We create this online Academy for you to save your time and money. You can study everywhere on your own free time. All courses will be available at your student profile.

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Rose Sambolin

Rose Sambolin

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Anna Pezina


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Anna Dixon

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Anton Sabenin


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