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Anna Dixon

Permanent Makeup Techniques

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Jennifer Andrews

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I took the dots technique course in nov-dec. Since then I also officially toon my basics pmu course in the city. Their course did not offer dots technique so being able to take this course was fantastic. I learned a lot of good information that i didnt know before. It would be great to add some more information onto your website when going to purchase the course. Love love love all of Anna’s tips and tricks, keep them coming 🙂

Jodie Orr

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“I really got a lot from the dots course too.  It was such a nice affordable way to learn, plus being able to go back, and go over the videos and instructions at my leisure is invaluable.  The videos and course content were really planned well, and are clear to follow. It really shows that Anna is very skilled, passionate about her craft and a great teacher. I sent her a private message for advice on pigments well after the dots course had ended, and she got back to me really quickly with great advice. The only minor constructive criticism I have is that it would have been nice to have had a list of materials required prior to the commencement of the course so I could’ve prepared beforehand for the homework elements. I’d 100% recommend this course.  I’m currently doing the eyeliner course which I’m really enjoying too. Attached my my first client using the dots technique. Still to see healed, but I’m pretty happy with that for a 1st attempt… . “

Renata Rensky

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After taking this course, I finally gained proper knowledge and understanding how to do Ombre style eyebrows. I love the fact that we were given homework, which kept me accountable. Anna Dixon videos were excellent to watch, understand and to follow! What I love about Dr. Anna Dixon philosophy is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on expensive tattoo machines, you can achieve great results with an expensive machine as well. It’s all about understand the technique and skin of your client. This is must course for everyone who is interested to advance their knowledge in Permanent makeup.

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